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Personalized Expert Quality Improvement Support for Clinicians

A National Leader in Practice Transformation

Join Health Quality Innovators’ (HQI) newest clinician-focused improvement initiative, the Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN), to continue or begin receiving no-cost support to improve outcomes for patients, care transitions and population health. HQIN will greatly benefit your practice as you comprehensively improve clinical performance on multiple quality measures by making more effective use of electronic health records, implementing evidence-based care and managing population health.

Led by HQI, ranked as the nation’s leading Practice Transformation Network (PTN), our personal support will keep your practice on track as you confidently continue or begin your journey to value-based care. Our quality improvement advisors provide dedicated assistance and support your practice at a level that works for you.


Contribute to a Greater Cause

HQIN members will collectively contribute to national goals for better patient care, including:

  1. Improve behavioral health outcomes, focusing on decreased opioid misuse

  2. Promote patient safety by preventing infections and reducing adverse drug events

  3. Increase chronic disease self-management for cardiac and vascular health conditions, diabetes, and slowing and preventing End Stage Renal Disease

  4. Strengthen the quality of care transitions


HQIN’s Local Improvement Partners Include:

Learn More About HQIN’s Clinician-Focused Initiative: [Link to Fact Sheet]

Click on the following link to print and sign our Participation Agreement. Please scan the signed agreement and email it to Virginia Brooks at vbrooks@hqi.solutions or mail it to 9830 Mayland Drive, Suite J, Richmond, VA 23322. [Link to Participation Agreement]

If you have questions, call 804.289.5320 or 800 number and ask to speak with our Outreach Specialist,
Candace Mangum.

HQI (initiative lead) – Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Qsource – Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee

Quality Insights – Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia